Detached House of 133sq.m.  in Valira Messinia, consisting of a main house of 110sq.m. and a hostel (Studio) of 23sq.m.  The main House has 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a living room and a kitchen. The guesthouse has 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom  a kitchenette, a fireplace and a storage room.

Valira (Greek: Βαλύρα pronounced Valira) is a small village in southern Greece. Situated on the Peloponnese Peninsula, Valyra was the seat of the Ithomi municipality. Located near the ancient city of Messini, it’s 18 km NW of Kalamata, and about 177 km SW of Athens.

Property Price € 130,000.00
SKU: VL433

Property Features

Location VALYRA
Building area 133 sq.m.
Plot area 388 sq.m.
Number of floors 1
Property type DETACHED HOUSE
Number of bedrooms 4
Number of bathrooms 2
Number of car park areas YES
Property identification number VL433
Availability Available

Property Description

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