This marvelous house is located in Kalymnos – an island in the southeast Aegean, Greece.Kalymnos is a mountainous island, where there are two main towns – Kalymnos and Vatis between the hills, on the fertile valleys.
The Fortress, the remains of the fortifications as well as the archeological finds and the church suggest that Kalymnos has always been a center of life in the region of the Aegean Sea. Its natural beauty is unique; caves, beautiful beaches, virgin nature, make this island look like a small piece of paradise. There live also the legendary Kalymnian sponge catchers!  The majority of the population is fishermen. In recent years, the island attracts many tourists hat enjoy climbing. In fact, Kalymnos is ranked among the top climbing destinations in the world.
Another event that Kalymnos is famous for is the celebration of Greek orthodox Easter. Many tourists visit it just for that.
The house itself is very beautiful and cozy; it has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms to satisfy your and your guests’ needs. In addition, it has large balconies, parking space, solar heater and a beautiful garden with plenty of fruit trees and flowers. There is also automatic watering system. It offers fabulous, panoramic view of the mountains.

It’s the perfect shelter to find peace and quiet!

Property Price € 360,000.00
SKU: VL157

Property Features

Building area 169,42 sq.m.
Plot area 1000 sq.m.
Number of floors 2
Property type VILLA
Number of rooms 3
Number of bathrooms 3
Number of car park areas YES
Property identification number VL157
Availability AVAILABLE

Property Description

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