After-sales services

Maintenance and support services

  • We are able to store your property’s keys. We can also keep a backup of your security alarm code for you.
  • We offer weekly property checks. We can check every part of the property for any problems or defects and notify you about them, if they exist.
  • Special checks can be performed after severe weather phenomena. The owners are notified immediately in case of any damage.
  • We offer maintenance work management services. We are also able to arrange the dates of maintenance work and supervise maintenance crews.
  • We are able to perform small-scale maintenance work. This includes replacement of faulty lamps that are anywhere within the property (checking insulation is included), lubrication of all door and window hinges, water filter life checks and replacement of worn filters, fixing window screen strainers, small-scale tap water and sewage collection installation repairs, pergola repairs.
  • We offer special cleaning services for your property’s inner spaces. We refresh the air by opening the windows to eliminate unpleasant odour. Additional care is given to storage spaces, like cupboards and your fridge. Upon request, the heating system can be turned on to lower humidity levels.
  • We are able to manage, arrange and supervise any preventative maintenance work, after agreement with the owner.
  • Emergency property checks in case of burglar alarm activation can be performed, after special agreement with the owner.
  • We are able to perform parked vehicle checks for any problem. We can also check your recreational vessel for any defects. Recreational vehicle checks can also be performed.
  • Bill payments can be done, if the owner wants to. This service includes any bill payment related to the property (electricity supply, water supply, telecommunication services to name a few).
  • Special irrigation system checks can be performed. Irrigation tank levels checks and tank refilling can also be performed, upon request.

Additional maintenance services provided

We are able to provide full-time electricians, plumbers and wall patching & painting technicians for instant repairs, upon request.

Housekeeping services

If you need housekeeping services, you can have it upon request. Please note that while servicing your property, housekeepers are paid by the hour. Housekeepers are trustworthy and can either work during your stay or before it. In this way, they can prepare your property for your arrival. Accurate arrival time and leaving time of housekeepers is our responsibility.

Gardening services

  • We offer tree trimming, leaf collection and lawn care services.
  • We are able to perform general exterior work, like cleaning your balcony or the walkways.
  • We are able to perform complete irrigation system checks and maintenance work, upon request. All automated irrigation system piping installations are checked for defects. Automated irrigation time settings are included.
  • Ground optimisation work for better exploitation of the irrigation system’s capabiblities can be performed.

Swimming pool maintenance

If your property has a swimming pool, we are able to take care of all maintenance work related to it. During maintenance, we replenish the pool with cleaning chemicals (and buy new, if necessary) and check the system for any leaks or defects. You can also have your pool emptied, cleaned and replenished with water. The frequency of pool checks is twice a week from May to September and once a week from October to April, although this can be changed upon request.

Why choosing Hellas Homes?

Our company has the right property for your needs. We offer a variety of properties, including vacant lots, apartments, single-family detached homes, semi-detached homes, holiday homes or cottages and luxury properties. No matter if the property is going to be used for permanent residence, holiday (vacation) or commercial purposes, we are always here to help you.

We offer our clients complete after-sale services. We save our clients a lot of time searching for the most suitable professionals for their property’s needs.

Our reputation is based on our client service and good communication with them. Our clients trust us because all properties we offer, especially those which will be used for residence, are of the highest quality and are built with the highest standards available in the construction industry.