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An overview of our services

Holiday home construction on pre-owned plots

If you already own a plot, we can manage the undertaking of a holiday home (cottage) construction project, from designing its facilities to supervising its construction process. No matter where the plot is located in Greece, we can offer you the solution that best suits your needs.

Holiday home construction on one of the plots we offer

Our company has a number of plots that are ready for development and construction. All plots offered are inside well-organised settlement areas with the necessary infrastructure (paved roads and streets, municipal drinkable water supply network, wastewater collection network with connection to wastewater and sewage treatment plants, electricity supply network, public infrastructure).

Complete property sales

We offer our clients a variety of complete holiday homes to choose from. We also offer properties in a semi-finished condition. Their semi-finished condition allows you to give your new property your personal “touch”, by choosing how to organise their spaces and decorate them, according to your style.

Vacant lot sales

If building a holiday home (cottage) in the near future isn’t what you really want, but would like to acquire vacant lot that is ready for development, we can find you the solution that best suits your needs. We offer solutions which are ready for any kind of development, ranging from building a small cottage to constructing an entire building complex or settlement.

Support services

Our company offers premium maintenance services to its clients. We can take over the maintenance work of your holiday home (cottage) or apartment after your leaving. Our services include gardening services, cleaning services and any kind of maintenance services.

In this way, you can always be sure that your holiday home (cottage) is always ready for your stay. For a detailed list of our services, click here.

Settlement development

Our company has the ability to manage the undertaking of settlement development projects. We are able to manage every part of the process, from searching for the most suitable location and vacant land for the settlement to developing all necessary infrastructure for the settlement itself.

Large scale investment program development

Our company has the ability to manage the undertaking of investment programs, ranging from settlements to hotel complexes and any kind of building projects.